Notice of FAU Office Close during Festival Days
Kindly note that the FAU office will be closing early at 12:30p.m. on Christmas Eve (24 Dec) & New Year Eve (31 Dec).  Our office will also be closed on Christmas holidays from 25 to 26 December 2018 and New Year´s Day on 1 January 2019.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!&nb...
FAU Survey on 77K Reconfigure (3-4-3 A/C)
FAU has been receiving different comments on the new reconfigure 77K since its first launch.  With the understanding that CX plans to continue retrofit more B777 in the near future.  FAU views the importance to collect our Member´s views based on their operation experience to allow CX Management to better understand the core concerns of Cabin Crew and Passengers. &nb...
Cup Noodle Factory Fun Day - Cut Off
We have received an overwhelming response to our Cup Noodle Fun day.  We are so happy to see such response from our Members! However, as mentioned in the email, space are limited.  All the tickets are sold out.  Therefore, please stop do any transaction for the tickets, and if you have made the payment after 11:00 on 28 June will be contacted fo...
Cup Noodle Factory Fun Day
If you have come to the AGM in MAY 2018, you would have knew that FAU has organized a Cup Noodle Factory Fun Day in July for you!  The day is now scheduled on 15 July 2018, from 14:30 - 15:00.  Each Member may bring 3 family members or friends along.  No matter you are back from a flight that day, or simply having a G day, please come and join us!  It is total...
A moment of Charity Festival Joy
  This year, FAU is collaborating with Lok Sin Tong to organize the "Le Sweet Taste Mini Egg Custard Moon Cakes" for Charity Campaign again.  All moon cakes are freshly baked daily with the finest ingredients that crafted by "Kowloon Hotel".  Every box purchased can provide 10 nutritious meals for an underprivileged family.  FAU is n...
Member´s Welfare - The Peninsula Moon Cake
Member’s Welfare The Peninsula Moon Cake半島酒店月餅    FAU now have a special offer for Peninsula Moon Cakes:   1.  Mini Egg Custard moon cakes (8 pcs per box) 迷你奶黃月餅 (8個裝) at HK$305.- per box. 2.  Mini Assorted moon cakes (4 pcs each of Mini Egg Custard moon cake & 4 pcs Mini Golden Lotus Seed Paste moon cake with Yolk) ...
Notice of 2018 AGM Dinner Ticket Collection
Distribution of AGM dinner tickets will be commenced from 18th April 2018.   A refundable deposit of $1,000 for each ticket is required in order to avoid any no show or wastage.  Deposit shall be paid in "CASH" only. Following rules applied for AGM dinner tickets: 1.    Tickets shall be collected on or before 4th May 2018 12:00 noon at FAU office in person (first-come-first...
Remember to Apply G on 11th May 2018 (Friday)
FAU Annual General Meeting will be held on 11th May (Friday) this year. Our Executive Committee cordially invites you to join us.  It will be a treasurable chance to reunion with your friends and colleagues.  Most importantly, get yourself update about union movements and share your concerns with ExCo in the AGM Meeting.   To end the day with fun, FAU...
    On behalf of FAU and all the ExCo, we would like to extend our best wishes to you.  In here, we sincerely wish all Members a blissful Year of Dog.  All the days are filled with Love and Happiness. You and your family stay Healthy & Strong.  Most important, all your flights are smooth and safe!!  To celebrate the Lunar New Year and t...
Gift for FAU Members
As a token of appreciation to Member´s continued support, your ExCo has prepared some small gifts for the convenience of your shopping and work.    From today onward, all fully paid-up FAU Members are invited to collect the small gifts in person at the FAU office with a show of CXID.  The gift set includes a mini torch and a shopping bag which are ready for collec...
Please kindly note that the FAU office will be closing early at 12:30p.m. on Friday, 22 December in observance of Winter Solstice.   Our office will also be closed on Christmas holidays, 25 to 26 December 2017 and New Year´s Day, 1 January 2018.   We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy N...
Q&A Session at FAU Office on 13 Oct (1-4pm)
Please be aware that the deadline of the referendum for you to express your opinion on Fast Track system will be on 13th Oct. The result will help the Union to get a better picture of how you all view the Fast Track system.  Please cast your vote and express your views.  The referendum will take up less than a minute of your time, but it will affect how we shall proceed w...
Notice of FAU Office Close during Festival Day
Kindly note that the FAU Office will be open from 9:00am to 1:00pm on 4th October 2017 (Mid-Autumn Festival).   The office will be closed on 5th October 2017 and will be resumed on 6th October 2017.   We wish you and your family a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.     Yours in SOLIDARITY
Result of the Retirement Age Survey
United We Win.  Together We Say Goodbye to Age Discrimination.  The Retirement Age Survey has ended on the 11 Sep with participation rate of 69%. Voting result is 81% of the Voters has voted "YES" and 19% has voted "No".  A strong voice of Majority has shown their desire to extend their retirement age to 60.  Together, we have made a significant step forward to fig...
Videos and Tea Gathering
ISD has now Extended the Retirement Age Survey to 11th September.  Feedbacks indicated that not all the Members have received the related email with Link of Survey through CX Outlook webmail.  Therefore, FAU requested ISD for an extension to ensure every Member are given a fair chance to express their view.   If you have not received the above mentioned email or survey, 1. Fi...
Enjoy the Videos
Ladies and Gentlemen,  Please sit back and relax, enjoy the following videos. Warm Reminders : Retirement Age Survey will end on the 5th September. Just another few days to go.  Do feel free to contact FAU and raise your enquiry if any.      &...
Retirement Age Extend To 60
Counting Procedure and Arrangements for FAU ExCo Election (2017-2019)
Closing of Polling Station at the AGM Venue  The Opening Time of the Polling Station at the AGM venue is from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.  Members are allowed to cast their vote at the AGM within this period.  Polling Station will close sharply on 5:30pm.  Ballot Boxes shall be sealed immediately. FAU staff shall destroy all unissued ballot papers by cut...
URGENT ! ! ! Reminder of Voting Arrangement for FAU ExCo Election 2017-2019
We would like to remind all members that the voting period has already started from 8th till 26th May 2017.    Compare to the last ExCo Election, the first 5 days voting rate dropped significantly from 2.34% to 0.87% this year. Honestly, this low voting participation among our member size is totally disappointed.   Let´s remind each other and VO...
Notice of Meeting & Agenda for AGM on 26 May 2017
FAU will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 26 May 2017 at InterContinental Hong Kong at 4:00pm SHARP.  This is the time for you to exercise your Member´s right and to take this great chance to get together with other Members.  The meeting shall start at 4:00pm SHARP and end by 6:30pm.  Registration shall begin at 3:30pm.  Please be on time as a quorum of 50 ...
Voting for FAU ExCo Election 2017-2019 starts from today.
AGM Tickets and Refund Procedures
Thank you for your support to our AGM dinner on the 26th May 2017.  Due to the overwhelming response, NO MORE AGM TICKETS is available now.  In order to avoid wastage to any available seats and to minimize the disappointment made to the Members who are on the waiting list, FAU urges the Members who have collected their AGM dinner tickets but wish to refund due to unforeseen circum...
FAU ExCo Election (2017-2019) Voting Arrangements
1.   Voting will be conducted from 8th to 26th May for the ExCo Election (2017-19).  Following are the details of the voting arrangements:-  2.   Polling Station at FAU Office opens from 8th to 25th May 2017.      Opening Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday except Public Holidays)      Polling Station will be resumed at ...
Announcement of Candidates for ExCo Election (2017-2019)
The nomination of ExCo Election (2017-19) has been closed on 13th April 2017 and we are pleased to announce that there is only ONE team joining the upcoming FAU ExCo Election for 2017-2019.  They are:  Name(s) Rank Position Nationality Vera WU  Dora LAI  Silvia BUT  Alice LO  Tim WONG  Cherry KWONG  Eugenia CHENG&...
Survey of Irregular Sleep Pattern for Cabin Crew
Due to the job nature of Cabin Crew, we may not obtain quality sleep pattern as per people who have regular sleep every night.     A group of students from City University is doing a research on "Irregular sleep pattern for Cabin Crew after operating long haul flights."    We would appreciate if you can take a few minutes to fill in the attached survey in order for the...
FAU ExCo Election 2017-2019
  Our Annual General Meeting for May 2017 is approaching and it is time for the Election of ExCo for the term of 2017 - 2019.   As you may be aware, current term of ExCo shall end in coming May.  The initial announcement made to encourage Members to step forward and joined the ExCo Election was made in the AGM in May 2016.   According to the Election Schedule approved...
New Joiner Promotion and Grace Period for Rejoin FAU
Happy New Year!  To welcome a new year for 2017, FAU is delighted to announce the continuation of the New Joiner Promotion and to reintroduce the Grace Period for ex-members to re-join the Union.  FAU would like to have support from you, our loyal and supportive Member, to share this promotion to your friends and colleagues who are not our members yet.  New Joiner Promotion FAU wi...
Notice of FAU Office Close During Holidays
Please kindly note the FAU office will open from 09:00-13:00 on 21 Dec (Winter Solstice).  We will be closed from 25 Dec to 27 Dec (Public Holiday).   May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Let´s continue to join our hands and strive for better working environment in 2017!    ...
Update to Members on the Meeting with CAD
FAU is pleased to update our Members on the positive progress regarding standby duty and the travelling time after our deliberate discussions with CAD on the 8th November 2016.   In the meeting, FAU expressed our views that of the discrepancy found between CAD 371 2nd edition and the 90 minutes upheld by CX for standby call out.  In the provision of standby, the document expl...
Union Declaration on Recent Signature Campaign Initiated by ISM
FAU would like to clarify and respond to the recent enquiries raised by some ISMs in regard to the signature campaign initiated by one of our ISM.  The theme for the letter is to pursue "an extra 15 Incremental Points on ISM´s Salary Scale and Rank Allowance".  Some ISMs expressed their concerns whether such campaign is organized by FAU.  The answer is NO.    In fa...
Leaflet Nov 2016
Parenting Workshop
New JCL service
As announced in the CCNL #1172 in July, ISD will be launching a new JCL service and dining proposition trial in February 2017.  FAU has also been invited by ISD to be in the consultation group of this trial.  As it is already unavoidable for Cabin Crew to conduct this trial service since it has already been announced to the public, FAU see the needs to receive a first-hand information an...
AMP Survey
親愛的會員: *(Please scroll down for English)* ISD一直表示AMP是一個關懷員工的措施,如果你的病假達到一定數量,AMP的電郵就會自動傳送到你戶口。當你不幸因住院、意外或小產等原因而需要較長病假,收到進入AMP的電郵無疑是雪上加霜,或會增加無形的壓力。但Leave & Attendance team表示,不論任何理由都不...
(Please scroll down for English) 致各位會員: 中秋過後,又到了為衣櫃換季的時間。 要處理過季或不再穿的簇新衣服,沒空間收納但又捨不得丟棄,相信經常令大家頭痛。  FAU 全力支持職工盟的「會員互助賣物會」義賣活動。 歡迎各位會員捐出簇新的舊衣物、手袋、飾物,甚至未開封的化妝品、護膚...
September roster is out /九月份更表又出爐啦.
九月份更表又出爐啦.請各位有足夠能力理解 RSR 係一個長遠危機, 間接協助公司縮短 flight patterns的同事. 記住千萬别與任何擁有CX111,CX197及CX105 的持份者調換三日澳纽航班以及 R24 RSR standby。謹記, 以任何形式參與RSR的調更協同行為,等同助長RSR拓大。 長此下去,往後任何航班被缩短, 就算大家號啕大哭,也沒...
Recruitment of FAU Election Sub-Committee
Recruitment of FAU Election Sub-Committee   The Election Sub-Committee plays an important role on the Election of FAU Executive Committee.    According to Rule 6 (1) of the CPAFAU rules, an Election Sub-committee is to be formed before the Election.   Rule 6 (1), “All elections or other matters for decision by secret ballot at the Annual or Extraordinary Ge...
We are proud of YOU! By now, it has been over a month since our Press Conference held on 28th April 2015 explaining to the public about our three issues and the reasons for our dispute.  Over 3,000 Members in total had actively engaged and participated in FAU call-out action, including EGM; airport rally and sit-in; sieged to CX city; distributed strike leaflets in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui...
FAU Office Closed from 12pm 26 May to 1pm 27 May 2016
Due to FAU AGM will be held on 26 May 2016 at Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel.  FAU Office will be closed at 12pm on 26 May (Thur) and re-open at 1:00pm on 27 May (Fri).  Please call the Emergency Hotline 8206 1286 / 7 for any emergency issue.  Thank you for your attention.   FAU ExCo
Extension of Retirement Age
Extension of Cabin Crew Retirement Age has always been a Hot Topic in the past decade. It is important for a healthy growing Company to retain experienced Crew and allow us to contribute to our Company while we are still capable. In the past few years, FAU has made numerous attempts with the data gathered in our survey to urge CX to extend the retirement age. FAU has also organized Rally to arouse...
AGM Tickets and Refund Procedures
Thank you for your support to our AGM dinner on the 26th May 2016.  Due to the overwhelming response, NO MORE AGM TICKETS is available now.  In order to avoid wastage to any available seats and to minimize the disappointment made to the Members who are on the waiting list, FAU would urges the Members who have collected their AGM dinner tickets but wish to refund due to unforeseen ...
Hurry Up - AGM tickets are running out fast
HURRRRRRRY UPPPPPP!!!   Hundreds of Members have already collected the AGM tickets within the last two days since we announced the details on 20 April 2016.  Due to the overwhelming response, only 150 seats are now currently available.   If you want to join us for this AGM and dinner, you have to hurry up to collect your ticket from the FAU office as soon as possible while ...
Meet us at the Airport Booth from 13 to 20 April 2016
FAU ExCo will be at the Airport to gain your support on the below 3 Agendas:  1.   Letter to CEO / COO on the "Extension of Retirement Age". 2.   FAU´s statement on the Universal Retirement Protection for workers in Hong Kong. 3.   Register as a voter to let your voice be heard.  1.          Extension of Retiremen...
Fact Findings on RSR
Up to date, FAU has received 2,456 responses in supporting our "Say No to RSR" campaign.  It represented 1/3 of our Membership who strongly objects to the expansion of RSR.  Compared with the 2% that ISD focus on, is our shout loud enough to be considered as overwhelming?  Would our dearest Management counts the silence only?   GMCC stated in her reply to FAU: ...
"Say NO to RSR" Campaign
Still remember how hard our fight in May 2015 was, in order to get back our eligible allowance for Melbourne?   And now, our efforts made got flushed down to the drain.   ISD claimed that due to the overwhelming response from our crew members, they are now expanding the Route Specific Scheme to Melbourne.  The original 105/134 will soon become another 3-day RSR pattern. &nb...
KUNG HEI FAT CHOI   Monkeys are described as intelligent, active, energetic and flexibility primate.  On behalf of FAU and all the ExCo, we would like to extend our best wishes to you for a year that fills with "Energy and Love".  Most important, may all of us stay happy, healthy and safe on all flights!!   To celebrate the Lunar New Year and to bring Luck ...
Result of ExCo Election 2015-2017
Announcement of ExCo Election Result (2015-2017)   FAU is pleased to announce that the ExCo Election has finally been concluded. Result was announced by our Election Subcommittee in our EGM on 1st February 2016.   Participation from our Members during the voting period in the past 10 days was great.    A total of 1043 (14.5%) FAU Membership stood firm with FAU t...
URGENT- Voting Arrangement and EGM Reminder
We would like to remind all members that the voting period has already started from 18th Jan till 1stFeb 2016.    Up to now, there are ONLY 259 members have casted their votes for the upcoming ExCo Election. Honestly, it is very disappointing and sad.  We understand that your mindset is only one team joining for the Election of 2015-2017 and it is NOT necessary...
Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting
Monday, 1st February 2016 at 2:30pm SHARP, (Registration from 2:00pm) Wellington Suite, Regal Airport Hotel      FAU is pleased to announce the voting of ExCo Election will start from 18 JANUARY to 1 FEBRUARY 2016.  The team is finally formed after several unsuccessful attempts of nomination.  It is now time for Members to show ...
FAU ExCo Election (2015-2017) Voting Arrangements
1.  Voting will be conducted from 18th Jan to 1st Feb for the ExCo Election (2015-17).  Following are the details of the voting arrangements:-  2.   To ensure the security of the TWO Empty Ballot Boxes, the sealing and locking of all the ballot boxes was conducted at 3:00pm on 13th Jan.  The entire process was supervised and witnessed by FAU’s Auditor and the...
Announcement of Candidates for ExCo Election (2015-2017)
The nomination of ExCo Election (2015-17) has been closed on 8th January 2016 and weare pleased to announce that there is only ONE team joining the upcoming FAU ExCo Election for 2015-2017.    They are:     Name(s) Rank Position Nationality   Dora LAI   Timothy CHAU   Silvia BUT...
Update on our 7th Meeting for Year End Negotiation 2015
Today is our 7th YEN meeting and we are at the final stage of the negotiation.  To conclude, there are some progresses made on the exchange for the draft for our YEN.  However, ISD was unable to address some long standing concerns that we have raised.  And that FAU will never compromise on these issues.  We have written to ISD after the meeting to reiterate our stance and are...
Update on our 6th Meeting for Year End Negotiation 20
Today is our 6th YEN meeting.  We have received the drafted agreements from the management, and we are now working intensively to ensure that all the details in the agreements are adequate and appropriate as discussed in our meeting.   However, we are disappointed that ISD refused to address our concerns raised regarding the fatigue issue of the 4-day “Over-Night”...
Update on our 4th Meeting for Year End Negotiation 2015
Our 4th YEN meeting with ISD has completed and ended in 55 mins from 1030 - 1125.  Pay Rise for 2016  In our 2nd meeting, ISD has presented a comparison made on the cumulative percentage on Pay Rise vs Composite CPI for the last 10 years, which indicated that our total cumulative pay rise was 38.8% while CPI only increased by 29.9%.  FAU has agreed that CPI is one of the fact...
Gift for FAU 40th Anniversary
Times flies!!!    FAU 40th Anniversary will be on 17th December 2015.  In order to thank you for all your support throughout all these years, we would like to present you a set of special designed gift for this memorable event. All fully paid-up FAU Members is entitled for one set of the gift, which includes a pair of mini torches and a padlock.  Please come to FAU of...
Reminders to fill in the Beneficiary form
This letter served as a reminder for you to fill up the life insurance "Beneficiary Form" which is attached with this letter.  The deadline for returning the form is 30 November 2015.  Members who are unable to submit the Form may consider as giving up their eligibility to the claim of the benefit.  Completion of the Beneficiary Form is the administrative formalities that require f...
Who will Vote "Against" the Motion in EGM?
A message with malicious rumours is circulating among senior community recently.  The purpose of the message is to ask FAU members to vote "Against" the Motion "to Mandate Deputize Exco to represent FAU for the Year End Negotiation" in the coming EGM on 28 Aug.  Fortunately, some smart Members came to FAU to clarify.  However, it is also sad to learn that some has chosen to believe ...
Free Movie for FAU Member
FAU would like to invite you to watch a famous Korean Movie "CART".  You are welcome to bring along ONE family member or friend to enjoy the movie together.  Details of the Movie : Date : 7th September 2015 (Monday) Time : 19:30 Venue : Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom Seats are on first come first serve basis.  Please send an email ...
FAU Movie Night on 7 September 2015-Poster
FAU Movie Night on 7 September 2015
FAU would like to invite you to the famous Korean Movie, "Cart" 《逆權師奶》 for Free. This movie is about employees going for STRIKE and how they stay firm and united to fight for their rights.  Members are encouraged to bring along a family member to watch this movie.  "CART" is a true story that happened in Korea, an encouraging movie with tears and blood.  A group of supe...
Notice of EGM and Agenda on 28 August 2015
Friday, 28th August 2015 at 3:00pm SHARP, (Registration from 2:30pm) Pegasus - Polaris Room, 1/F, Regal Airport Hotel  NOTICE OF MEETING  To: All Members of Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union  FAU is calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 28th August 2015 at Pegasus - Polaris Room, 1/F; Regal Airport Hotel at 3:00pm SHARP, registration will start at 2:...
A moment of Charity Festival Joy
This year, FAU is collaborating with Lok Sin Tong to organize the "Le Sweet Taste Charity Mini Egg Custard" Moon Cakes Charity Sales Campaign again.  All moon cakes are freshly baked daily with the finest ingredients that crafted by "Pantry Bread & Pastries", which received a high opinion since its initial launch at the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2012.  Every purchase of a box of moon c...
You might lose all you have in one night
"You don´t even need one night to lose all you have...."   In 1900’s, you are a rich man if you own a car and a driver.   In 2015, you can own a car and a driver for a short ride as cheap as HKD3.00! Airline business is a Sunset business.   To hold on to what you have is already a challenge!  Though advancement ...
3rd Round of FAU ExCo Election Nomination
The 2nd round of Election Nomination Period from 1st June to 30th June 2015 has ended!  Until today, only 4 Members had signed on the nomination form.  This is definitely very discouraging.  As Members are complaining that it is difficult to form a team to run for the election, FAU has already stressed that Members who are interested to run as an ExCo but are not able to form a ful...
Protect Yourself, Protect Our Passengers
After FAU´s continuous pursue in the last few days, ISD has finally agreed to allow Cabin Crew to wear face mask on all Korea flights.  However, numbers of suspected MERS cases were found in Hong Kong, in which an Airline Cabin Crew was suspected to be involved too.  We all remember the difficult time that we have gone through during SARS.  We believe we shall try our best to ...
Shall we wear face mask for MERS?
The HKSAR government has announced RED Travel Alert to Korea today - it means “Significant threat” for travellers travelling to Korea.  It clearly indicates level of seriousness of this contagious disease is increasing.  At the same time, reply from ISD to our suggestions made on last Saturday, ISD reiterated that Cabin Crew would be advised to wear facemask if the...
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus
The Department of Health from Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection has just made the most updated announcement to the public this afternoon, advising the public to avoid unnecessary travel to Korea, in particular, those with chronic illnesses.  Travellers in Korea and the Middle-East should avoid unnecessary visit to healthcare facilities.  Travellers in the Middle-East should avoid go...
We are proud of YOU! By now, it has been over a month since our Press Conference held on 28th April 2015 explaining to the public about our three issues and the reasons for our dispute. Over 3,000 Members in total had actively engaged and participated in FAU call-out action, including EGM; airport rally and sit-in; sieged to CX city; distributed strike leaflets in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui; supp...
2nd Round of FAU ExCo Election (2015-2017)
Our Annual General Meeting on 29th May 2015 has ended but sad to say there was no ExCo Election for the year 2015 to 2017 due to no nomination of Candidates Team.  In the AGM, the ExCo helped to announce the 2nd round nomination of FAU ExCo Election will commence from 1st June – 30th June 2015.  Members who are interested to form a Team to run for the coming term of ExCo, please ...
Your attention please
Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is set on the 29th May (Friday), a day after the Tripartite meeting with CX Management arranged by Labour Department on the 27th.  Your ExCo have to alert you that our AGM on the 29th could be a different one and your presence is vital.  We must all be prepared if CX shows no sincerity in resolving our humble requests on the 3 concerned issues in the ...
Tripartite Meeting on 27th May
As you may be aware, with Labour Department´s intervention, our Management has fixed a date for the tripartite meeting on 27th May at 10am.   FAU has agreed to the meeting, however, our preparation for the Strike in August will still go on. FAU will not back off and our Strike Preparation will continue until all the 3 issues are completely and properly resolved. Or else, we will k...
How to interpret GMCC message for the 3 issues?
How to interpret GMCC´s message for the 3 issues?  1. Increase AUD$20 is the solution to the allowance calculation?  Your ExCo afraid FAU is not able to agree with it because both the guidelines on the agreement and CX policy has not been followed AT ALL.  ISD made that slight increment of allowance just to pacify our anger.  Yet, can this save us in the long run? &nb...
Notice of EGM on 19May2015
It is with regrets that FAU has to inform our Members, ISD has once again violated its own laid down policies.  The answers given by ISD were unacceptable and the crew sentiment could not be appeased.  The three issues have not been resolved. Your ExCo was engaged in meetings with ISD since last week.  It is an extreme disappointment that our Management showed no sincerity in resol...
Let CX know YOU are angry!
Enough is ENOUGH !!!    Tell the PUBLIC how YOU feel  Series of incidents had happened lately......starting from the FPOK being eligible for SP promotion; followed by the dramatic cut of MEL allowance; then the 4-day Boston with only 24 hours stay, what´s next...???  By now, a lot of you would have heard about the anger and frustration of our Hourly Paid Crew (BC) on t...
Further Extension of Election Nomination Period
Times fly, the Extension of Election Nomination Period from 16th to 22nd April has also ended!  So far only THREE members have sign-up as candidate till the office closed today; but still NO Team has been formed.  The situation has become disappointed.  However, we strongly believe we have potential Members who care about our Union and are willing to dedicate th...
Extension of Election Nomination Period
The Election Nomination Period from 2nd Mar to 15th Apr 2015 has ended!   Until today, only one member has approached FAU and NO Team has been formed.  The situation is a bit discouraging.  However, we still believe we have a lot of potential Members who care about our Union and are willing to dedicate their time and strength to build a...
It has been almost a month since the “Notice of Nomination” was sent out for the 2015-2017 FAU ExCo Election.  We have yet to see any Members approaching FAU office for the nomination form.   The nomination period will end on 15th April 2015, apart from the Ching Ming & Easter Holidays; there are only 7 more days to go.  TIME IS RUNNING SHORT!  We sincerel...
Statement from Election Committee-2015
We are elected to be the “Election Committee” for 2015 election.  In order to give you a clearer picture, below are the “Election Committee roles: 1. We are an independent panel who will be monitoring over the whole election process to ensure it is comply with the Rule Book. 2. We are NOT FAU ExCO. 3. We are NOT a Candidate or Supporter of any team that is running for...
Deadline for Online Survey of Appraisal System
A friendly reminder to you all, our online survey “Your View on the Appraisal System” will end at 12:00 on 5thMar 2015 (Thursday). Your views matters!!   Please fill out the survey ( ) if you wish to see a comprehensive review on the appraisal system.    Come and take part in this joint project of FAU and ISD.   ...
Your view on Appraisal System and collect your Lai See
Please click here :
Kung Hei Fat Choi
May all of you have a prosperous and healthy Year of Goat with your loved ones and family.   Please kindly note the FAU office will be closed early at 1:00pm on 18 Feb and closed from 19 to 22 Feb during Chinese New Year.  Office will be opened on 23 Feb 2015. Please call FAU hotline 8206-1286/7 for EMERGENCY enquiry.  Yours in SOLIDARITY
FAU Office Close for Spring Dinner
Due to FAU Spring Dinner will be held on 20 Jan 2015 at InterContinental Hong Kong.  FAU Office will be closed at 1:00pm on 20 Jan (Tue) and re-open at 1:00pm on 21 Jan (Wed).  Please call the Emergency Hotline 8206 1286 / 7 for any emergency issue.  Thank you for your attention. 
Wait Listing for FAU Spring Dinner 2015
Thank you for your support to the FAU Spring Dinner 2015 on the 20th January 2015.   Due to the overwhelming response, there are NO MORE Spring Dinner Tickets available now.   In order to avoid wastage to any tickets and disappointment to Members who are on the waiting list, for those who have collected their tickets and wish to refund due to unfore...
Notice of FAU Office Closed During Holidays
Please kindly note the FAU office will open half day (9:30am-1:00pm) on 22 Dec (Winter Solstice), 24 Dec (Christmas Eve) and 31 Dec (New Year’s Eve).  Close on 25 & 26 Dec (Public Holiday) and we will re-open on 29 Dec!   May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Let´s join hands and strive for better working envi...
嚴正譴責特首無視基層 - 公然強奪基層選舉權
新聞稿 : 支援學生 公民抗命 無畏無懼 抗爭到底
支援學生   公民抗命 無畏無懼   抗爭到底   致全港市民:  昨晚和平集會換來警察暴力鎮壓,爭取民主普選的聲音被打壓。職工盟現呼籲所有響應罷工工友組成罷工支援團,到金鐘現場聲援昨晚一直留守的市民。 與市民一起爭取普選及要求梁振英下台!!  罷工是為聲討這...
FAU Condemn Violence Action taken by HK Government
In support the Student´s strike and to against Police´s violence actions taken and tear gas used against the student and citizen of Hong Kong who assembled outside Government headquarter, many Members have already initiated support action on their own and have requested FAU to officially declare Strike to show our support. Fight for righteous and justice has always been the goal for FA...
Work Safety and Health Survey Invitation
Work Safety and Health Survey Invitation  Who are we?  Hong Kong Baptist University, Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association, and British Airway Hong Kong International Cabin Crew Association are jointly conducting a survey on work safety and health.  The goal of the survey is to understand your experience about how w...
Meeting terminated by ExCo - ISD Breach of Progression Policy
Cathay Pacific is well recognized for its management.  Complete Manuals and Policies are provided for all employees to comply with; Cabin Crew´s Promotion Policy is one of it and has always been carried out according to Company Policy lay down in our Manuals.  Even with the implementation of Merit Base and Fast track 2007, the rule still stands.  The trust was always there un...
Airport Booth for FAU Referendum
FAU will be holding a booth from 18 - 30 September 2014 at the Airport Arrival Hall B from 1200 - 2100 hours.  This booth is for the purpose of holding a referendum in regards to the Fast Track system.  Please come and vote for your own career!!  Meanwhile, during this period of time, we will be also holding the following events:  1.    FAU Young Force Campaign...
Declaration for Malicious Attack on Facebook
FAU正值展開新一輪會員招募,竟然湊巧地有公眾人士在 Facebook “CX secret” page對FAU作出負面言論,圖以誤導公眾。為維護FAU之聲譽及健全運作,ExCo現特此作出以下聲明:  該文中提及通宵「紅眼攞命更」(Red Eye Turn),聲言「只知FAU fight fight fight,但唔知Fight 到乜?」。事件發生於2012暑假,FAU...
Join FAU Young Force
The expansion of Cabin Crew community is extremely fast now. In order to uphold the "Unity Power" of FAU, we must maintain the percentage of our Membership.  To encourage our young teammates to be actively involved in Union´s activities, we are now launching our new membership recruitment campaign "Join FAU Young Force", with immediate effect until 31st Dec 2014.  2  Any New...
Join FAU Young Force
Referendum (公投) - The Vote is at your fingertips
As you may be aware of some recent cases of promotion directly from FP-OK to SP, for sure this issue has aroused the frustration of the whole crew community.  The fast track system has been imposed for 7 years, and its in-transparent nature is still puzzling all the crew.  What exactly is the guideline of getting high CPP?  Why some crew do something not related to inflight duties...
Get Ready for ExCo Election for 2015 - 2017
The term of FAU ExCo for 2013-2015 will end at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) at the end of May 2015.  Due to Members’ feedbacks on having difficulties in forming a team in the previous election, therefore, your ExCo would like to remind Members to start forming a team NOW, so that you can be nominated for the next round of ExCo Election for 2015-2017 as soon as the nomination period ...
Election Sub-Committee Wanted
The term of FAU ExCo for 2013-2015 will end at the AGM in the end of May 2015.  According to FAU rules, an independent panel of "Election Sub-Committee" consisting of three FAU Members shall be appointed by ExCo.  The “Election Sub-Committee” shall have the final power to decide on all matters in relation to the election as prescribed in the rulebook.  To prepare for ou...
Apply G day for FAU Spring Dinner
FAU Spring Dinner on 20th January (Tuesday) 2015   FAU treasures every opportunity to meet our Members.  In the past years, your ExCo have been trying hard to arrange different kinds of event for our Members and to identify our Members’ favourite events.    The response to the FAU Annual Dinner held in May 2014 was positive and overwhelming.  Therefore, w...
新聞稿 2014年6月19日 空姐空少撐修例,互相尊重兼守禮!  政府新聞公報昨日宣佈政府將於六月二十五日向立法會提交《2014年性別歧視(修訂)條例草案》(《條例草案》),以修訂《性別歧視條例》(第480章)(《條例》),保障服務提供者免遭顧客性騷擾。  香港空中服務員工會聯盟 (下...
Same Pain Same Gain. Come and support our Sister Union
Joint booth at the Airport to Support our Sister Union KAFAA and to Stop the Cross Base Back in 2009 and 2012, we have encountered CX Management trying to implement the Cross Base Flying for the outport based crew.  Now our sister Union KAFAA (DragonAir Flight Attendant Association) is facing the same kind of situation as us.  With your unity and support, FAU managed to stop the C...
We Voice. It happens !! Say Good Bye to Karachi
In response to FAU’s objection to the resumption of service to Karachi on 14th June 2014, our CEO Mr. Ivan Chu has responded promptly in three days’ time with a wise decision to cease all service to Karachi from 28th June onwards.  This decision definitely can ease most of our worries and will be welcomed by the entire crew community.  As Cabin Crew, we all learned in the sa...
A moment for Joy and A moment for Charity
This year, FAU is collaborating with Lok Sin Tong to organize the “Le Sweet Taste Charity Mini Egg Custard” Moon Cakes Charity Sales Campaign.  All moon cakes are made by “Pantry Bread & Pastries” and the former chef of Peninsula Group, Mr. LAI Ka-ming, which received a high opinion since its initial launch at the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2012.  After deducting...
AGM tickets and refund procedures
Thank you for your support to our AGM dinner on the 30th May 2014.  Due to the overwhelming response, there are NO MORE AGM TICKETS available now.  In order to avoid wastage to any tickets and disappointment to Members who are on the waiting list, for those who have collected their tickets and wish to refund due to unforeseen emergency circumstances, please make the tickets refund ...
Notes on Collecting AGM Dinner Tickets
Collection of AGM dinner tickets shall starts from 22nd April 2014.  To avoid any no show and wastage of reserved seats, a refundable deposit of HKD$500 for each ticket is required for this year.  We accept “CASH” only.  Following rules applies when collecting AGM dinner tickets :  1.  Please provide Member’s name and ERN. Every fully paid-up Member is...
AGM 2014 on 30th May 2014 (Friday)
Remember to Apply G on 30th May 2014 (Friday) !!
FAU would like to remind you our Annual General Meeting will be held on 30th May 2014 (Friday) at InterContinental Hong Kong (香港洲際酒店).    Our Executive Committee cordially invited you to participate and get united with your friends and colleagues to share your concerns and also to have a fun night.  Please plan ahead and apply for G day for this special event of th...
AGM 2014 on 30th May 2014 (Friday)
We are pleased to announce that FAU Annual General Meeting will be held on 30th May 2014 (Friday) this year, our Executive Committee cordially invite you to participate and get united with your friends and colleagues to share your concerns and also to have a fun night.  Please be reminded to plan ahead and apply for G day for this special event of the year.  Details of AGM to be an...
Kung Hei Fat Choi
May all of you have a prosperous and healthy Year of Horse with your loved ones and family.  Please kindly note the FAU office will be closed at 1:00pm on 30 Jan - 3 Feb during Chinese New Year and will be opened on 4 Feb 2014.  Please call FAU hotline 8206-1286/7 for EMERGENCY enquiry.    Yours in SOLIDARITY   
國泰加薪 4.5 % 整體方案尚可接受
新聞稿 國泰加薪 4.5 %   整體方案尚可接受   國泰航空公司空中服務員工會與資方於過去兩星期,展開年終薪酬福利談判。  工會重申,今年提出的談判內容主要圍繞四大重點,包括:要求加薪7.5%;延長退休年齡至65歲;恢復對所有「駐港外籍空中服務員」提供永久房屋津貼及改...
Survey of Discrimination and Harassment in Employment
FAU is now partnering with the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and other flight attendants unions to conduct a survey on the prevalence of sexual harassment and discrimination in our workplace, and on how we respond to these incidents.  We all know that crew members are prone to sexual harassment.  However, the current Sex Discrimination Ordinance does not offer protection where cu...
新聞稿 2013年11月26日   國泰航空公司空中服務員工會 爭取2014年度加薪7.5%  國泰航空公司空中服務員工會今日宣佈,將與資方就2014年度空中服務員的薪酬福利進行年終談判。工會在今年的談判中,將會提出四項主要訴求,包括:  一、要求加薪7.5%; 二、延長退休年齡至65歲; 三、要求...
Year End Negotiation (YEN) is going to commence from 26 Nov 2013
The YEN is not solely Your ExCo’s responsibility to negotiate with Management.    All Members should voice out their concerns before the YEN starts and FULLY SUPPORT Your ExCo during the negotiation. Based on Members’ feedback and concerns, these are the 4 major issues for this YEN:  Percentage of Pay Rise for 2014; Extension of Retirement Age; Housing Allowance ...
Rally for the Collective Beginning Rights
PHL Typhoon Contribution
After a severe typhoon “Hai Yan” (also called “Yolanda”) swept through the Philippines last week, many provinces are in a disastrous and devastated state, especially in Tacloban.  Death, casualties, flooding, home being destroyed, severe shortage of food and water supplies are seen everywhere in this provinces.  Having so many Filipino colleagues and friends in o...
Survey for Extension of Retirement Age
Dear Members, The extension of Retirement Age is a long standing agenda which stays on both of our regular meeting with ISD and YEN since the 90´s.  The retirement age was being extended to all crew who joined before July 1993 due to the "Anti Sex Discrimination” legislation implemented in 1995 by the Equal Opportunity Ordinance. Members would normally pay more attention to this...
Questionnaire for Post 2008 Outport Cabin Crew
Dear Cabin Crew,  FAU would like to ask for your help in filling out this survey in order for us to gain more information and concrete data in pursuing the housing issue for Post-2008 outport crew.   After all, your ExCo are just employees to the company.  Without each one of you backing up the FAU, there will be no bargaining power and it will be very difficult for your ExCo to n...
Year End Negotiation for 2014
FAU will begin our "Year End Negotiation" with Management at the end of November 2013.  To prepare our Year End Agenda, we have concluded some items raised by our Members in the past.    Please find the below items we have concluded so far for your reference:  1.      Best Cabin Crew Allowance - Recognize Cabin Crew´s outstanding performance 2....
Extend retirement age to 65 for Flight Attendants
Hong Kong Flight Attendants Alliance (HKFAA), including union of Cathay Pacific Airways (CPAFAU), Dragonair (KAFAA), British Airways (BAHKICCA) and United Airlines (AFA, CWA, AFL-CIO), have always been concerned about the rights and interests of Flight Attendants.   For Immediate Release 30th October 2013 Age discrimination has always been a prevalent issue in Airline Industry, the HKFAA...
空服聯盟要求延長退休至65歲! 不問年齡 用人惟才
空服聯盟要求延長退休至65歲!  不問年齡 用人惟才  香港空中服務員工會聯盟包括國泰(CPAFAU)、港龍(KAFAA)、英航 (BAHKICCA)及聯合航空 (AFA, CWA, AFL-CIO) 工會,向來關注空中服務員的權益待遇。香港空中服務員行業普遍存在年齡歧視的問題,聯盟自成立以來均著眼爭取政府立消除社會上年齡歧視問...
Agreement SIGNED for Statutory Holiday Backpay Court Case
After 5 years of lengthy legal process, the 3 claimants finally reached and signed an agreement with Cathay Pacific Airways on 18th October 2013 for the Statutory Holiday Backpay Court Case.  Once again, we sincerely thank the 3 claimants who had great courage to step forward and fight for our rights.  It is not easy to be a claimant; especially they were all online crew when they mad...
新聞稿 2013年10月23日 政府不公。禍延三百好員工。   對於近日香港電視網絡申請牌照失敗一事而禍延三百員工,本會有以下聲明: 雖然我們不是從事創作行業,亦不是特別喜歡看電視的一群,但作為香港打工仔的一分子,本會希望從僱員的角度表達對香港電視網絡員工的支持。   香港電視還...
Promotion for New Joiners
We would like to inform you that there will be a new promotion for new joiners.  “From now on, Cabin Crew within their first 3 years of employment contract in CX will get ONE YEAR Monthly Fee Waived when they join FAU”.  Please help your Union to pass this message to them!  The more Members we recruit, the stronger the Union will be.  Act now and make your Union s...
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
  Please kindly note the FAU office will open from 9:30am to 1:00pm on the Mid-Autumn Festival, 19 September 2013.                 Yours in SOLIDARITY
Get Your FOC Hallowen Ticket NOW !!
GET your FOC Halloween ticket (FAU Members only) before Sep 13 & enjoy a fun night with friends & family if you have G day on Sep 20 and are free on that night.  You can also buy extra tickets at very attractive price – HK$190 for adult and HK$100 for child (3-11 years old).   There will be a ticketing booth at Airport Arrival Hall B: 17:00 - 21:00 from Sep 2-6; 11:00 -...
Join us in
Due to the overwhelming responses from Members for the "FAU Charter Halloween at Ocean Park" event on 20th Sep, we now have some extra tickets for those who haven´t get your tickets yet.  Please come to FAU office at your earliest convenience to get your tickets, while stock last !!!. 各位FAU會員,&n...
Announcement of ExCo Election Result (2013-2015)
FAU ExCo Election has been concluded with great participation from our Members. Members from 10 different nationalities had casted their votes. EGM was held on 9th August 2013 and the result was announced by our Election Subcommittee.  Due to the extended nomination period, the voting period was shortened to 9 days only, the participation rate was 23% of FAU membership (1443 votes), a r...
Speech from Election Subcommittee
I must make a declaration to all of you that, the 3 of us, The Election Subcommittee, DID NOT cast our votes in the election, as we’ve stated at the beginning.  The 3 of us DID NOT and WILL NOT take any form of allowance, benefit and compensation from our Union for working as an Election Subcommittee. We are doing it F.O.C.  The nomination period initially started on 17th Mar, th...
Counting Procedure and Arrangement for FAU ExCo Election (2013-15)
FAU ExCo Election (2013-15) Closing of Polling Station at the EGM Venue The Opening Time of the Polling Station at the EGM venue is from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.  Members are allowed to cast their vote at the EGM within this period.  Polling Station will close sharply on 4:00pm.  Ballot Boxes shall be sealed immediately. FAU staff shall destroy all unissued ballot papers by cutting of...
Reminder of Voting Arrangment & EGM on 9Aug2013
Please note the following important message for the EGM on 9th August 2013 and the voting arrangements:  A)  EGM on 9th August 2013 1)   Venue : Berlin Suite, B/F, Regal Airport Hotel 2)   Registration Time : 2:30pm 3)   Deadline of Submission of Proxy for the EGM on 9th Aug 2013 Online Proxy: 9:00am, 9th A...
Changes of Polling Station Opening Hours at Airport
As you may have noticed, the Election of FAU ExCo (2013-15) has already commenced. The Polling Stations at FAU Office and the Airport Hall B will close on the 8th August. As per requested by some of the Members have requested, the Airport Arrival Hall B opening hours will be changed to facilitate more members to cast their votes.  New Opening Hours of the Polling Station at Arrival Hall...
FAU would like to clarify the distorted message, which has been circulating among the Members.  The facts are:  FAU DID NOT REJECT any nominations during the entire nomination period. The whole nomination period was in a 4 month time frame, with a total of 4 deadlines given.        First round of nomination began on 18th March till 17th April.   &...
"Break the Union ? WHO...."
Your Election Sub-Committee has urged every single one of you, FAU Members to show your support to FAU.  The election of FAU Exco will begin on 29th July. In here, we strongly encourage YOU to report to us if you observed or noticed any disruptive behaviour or activities, which you suspect to be related to anti-election or anti-union during the voting process. We must stress...
FAU ExCo Election (2013-15) Voting Arrangements
FAU ExCo Election (2013-15) Voting Arrangements . 
Announcement of Candidates for ExCo Election (2013-15)
Announcement of Candidates for ExCo Election (2013-15)
Sadly to inform you that, there are still no nomination received for the FAU ExCo election up till the deadline, which is 16th July 2013.   Is it really that difficult to look for Members who are willing to come out and contribute to the Union?  Some feedback and reasons we had received from Members which refrained them from running as ExCo were: loss of income; impact on swap; inexper...
One month has passed since the “Notice of Nomination” was sent out on 3rd June 2013 for the “2nd Round of Exco Election”.    The nomination period will end on 16th July 2013 (Tuesday), TIME IS RUNNING SHORT!  We sincerely hope that our Members will actively participate in this coming election, to show that we are FOR THE UNION!!  If you are interested...
Check out Unews No. 10 now!
We are extremely pleased with the results of the “Skytrax Annual World Airline Award,” announced on 18 June 2013 in Paris. We, the Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew, have been awarded the “World’s Best Cabin Staff”.  The professional and unique “People Service”  we provide has successfully impressed and won the hearts of 18 million voting airline passeng...
Welfare & Benefits Update - June 2013
Exclusive Items for FAU Members  Get your free “No.7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream” sponsored by “Boots” on first-come-first-serve basis, while stock lasts.   Diaman Per Tutti (Sophisticated Design Jewellery from Belgium) Private showcase at FAU Office from 11:00am to 5:00pm on  26 & 27 June 2013 (click here to their home page)   Peni...
Statutory Holiday Case Updates
We would like to keep you informed with the on goings regarding the ‘Statutory Holiday Court Case’.   As mentioned in our previous update, we have already sent a proposal on the calculations to CX and expected to have a respond by 11 June 2013.  For now, the lawyers on both sides have engaged in dialogue; however, no agreement has been reached at this moment.   ...
Charter FAU Halloween Night on 20 Sep 2013
Exclusive for FAU - Charter Halloween Event Adult $190 / Child $100 After the many disputes and protests the Union has had, it is now time to take a break and relax!  We are proud to announce that on 20 Sep 2013, FAU will have their Charter Event - "Halloween Night at Ocean Park". Ocean Park Halloween is the signature event of the year in Hong Kong. Don’t miss this opportunity ...
Join the Online Petition Campaign to support the Hong Kong Dockers
Dock workers dispute brought international attention. The international labour movement organization is concerned on the plight of the dock workers in Hong Kong and hence launched an open letter campaign. FAU would like to call for Members’ support on the online petition to support the workers: Stand up for Union, Stand up for yourself!  Open Letter to Gerry Yim Lui Fait Campaign : h...
New Bird Flu H7N9
There are 21 people positively diagnosed with new bird flu H7N9 in Shanghai, Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangsu while 6 people were dead. Symptoms of H7N9 : fever and cough developing severe or fatal respiratory problems.  FAU do urge ISD to liaise with Health Department and WHO on the precaution measures and enhancement of the policy on how to deal with this kind of medical situation that happened...
Welfare & Benefits Update - January 2013
You may enjoy the following welfare and benefits items with your FAU membership card now: New Items  1.         CTU Welfare & Benefit special offer on the following items: Winter Skin Care : Jurlique, Laneige, Missha, Sulwhasoo, Tony Moly, Holika Holika (click here for details) Chinese New Year Food (click here for details) Confectionery Gift B...
Co-Pay Subsidy for HPC
FAU has been offering a 5-time Co-Pay subsidy every year for HPC who has used up their free Co-Pay visit (offered by the Company) since June 2009. This subsidy is for GP visit on CX Panel Doctor List only.  Due to the closing of FAU financial year, the application for 2012 excess limit will end on 28th February, 2013.  For excess "Co-Pay visit limit" application, please submit the ...
Shalom! My Friends!
When you saw this message, I guess you may have noticed the announcement of my resignation from the post of General Secretary of FAU.  I have to say, it is not an easy decision, when I made it a few months ago and my thought was aptly followed the say, “the hardest part of a friendship, is when it is time to say goodbye.”  I joined FAU in 2010, during the fight of the Swap G...
Resignation of General Secretary
We regret to announce the resignation of TSANG Kwok Fung, our General Secretary, which is effective from January 14th 2013.  Mr. Tsang joined us as the head of FAU staff in 2010.  In these few years, he has navigated us through several major challenges, including the latest fight of the Year End Negotiation and he has also brought us some major changes to streamline the operation of the ...
ARM for our Industrial Action Stage 1 - "Work to Rule"
We attended the Tripartite meeting arranged by Labour department today.  Until now, no significant achievement was made.  In the meeting, FAU have expressively relayed all our concerns on Cross Base Flying since September 2012.  And for the Red-eye Turnaround and shortening of flight patterns, FAU has been continuously giving our feedbacks through regular meetings for the past 2 ye...
Labour Department´s intervention and Tripartite meeting
First of all, we sincerely thank you for the great effort of Labour Department (LD) to arrange a tripartite meeting to resolve the dispute between FAU and Cathay Pacific Management. Both parties’ goal is to avoid travel public’s worries over festive season.   On 14th Dec, FAU has officially accepted Labour Department’s invitation to attend the tripartite meeting. ...
The Door always Opens (門常開)
FAU welcomes the remarks of “Door always Opens” by Chief Operating Officer, made in the press conference held by the management in response to our warning of industrial action yesterday.  We expected that the move should be prerequisite-free which needed to be confirmed by our management.  In the meantime, we have received an invitation from the Labour Department to attend a...
To Build a Stronger Union Together! Help to Recruit More Members!
FAU will commence our first stage of industrial action soon!  We received overwhelming support from the ISMs to the industrial action.  To protect the non-member during the industrial action period, FAU will have a recruitment counter located at the Arrival Hall B from 12:00 to 22:00 to recruit new members.  We ask all our members to assist in this recruitment program. Your particip...
新聞稿    國泰空中服務員工會就國泰航空管理層於今日記者會中的言論,有以下回應:   1. 工會歡迎國泰管理層改變態度,打開談判大門,希望管理層能真正做到「門常開」,在無條件的情況底下重開年終談判;   2. 工會同意雙方應以旅客的利益為優先,但強調今次勞資衝突...
A Favourable Agreement Signed
On 20th Dec 2012, FAU ExCo finally signed an agreement with the Management after days and nights of meeting.  Overall speaking, the terms of the agreement are favourable to the crew community, which impose restrictions on Cross Base Flying, and resolved our concerns over Red-eye Turnaround flights and other problematic flight patterns.   With this agreement, we strongly believe that th...
Malicious Statement from the Management
We noticed that the management published a statement today to “welcome the Union’s decision not to strike over Christmas and New Year Period”. We have to point out that the statement is misleading and the intention is malicious in order to break the union’s unity in this critical time.  As FAU reiterated,  “CX has not been willing to talk to FAU in our yea...
Press Release - Solidarity Actions Asked for Talk Re-open (新聞稿-國泰空中服務員工會團結行動爭取再談判)
Three-hundred Cathay Pacific Airways flights attendants staged a protest at Chek Lap Kok airport today against the sudden halt of the Year End Negotiation (YEN) by the CX management last Friday, as well as the unreasonable decision of the 2% pay rise.   Dora Lai, Chairman of FAU, sent an ultimatum that the union that they will escalate actions if no reply from the management was heard befor...
Reactivation of Industrial Action Preparation Committee (IAPC)
Until three o’clock today, Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union did not receive any response from the management to our demands of reopening of pay talk. FAU are deeply disappointed with this. With regards to this situation, the FAU ExCo have the following announcements:   1. FAU will immediately reactivate the “Industrial Action Preparation Committee.” (IAPC...
Welfare & Benefits Update - November 2012
You may enjoy the following welfare and benefits items with your FAU membership card now: New Items   1. Hong Kong Disneyland Exclusive Privileges for HKCTU Members Special discount on Hong Kong Disneyland ticket for the periods Feb 25-Mar 3, Mar 18-24, and Apr 22-28, 2013.  For enquires & ticketing, please contact HKCTU Hotline:2770 8668.  (click here for details)...
Flight Attendants Union aims at 5% Salary Increment in Year End Negotiation
Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union (CPAFAU) announced today that the Union will negotiate for salary increment and welfare in the coming Year End Negotiation with the Management. Besides negotiating for a 5% salary increment, a number of proposals have also been submitted in the negotiation including urging the management to stop the “Cross Base Flying Trial” scheme which i...
CPAFAU Claims Final Victory in Statutory Holidays Case
FAU welcomes the decision by the Court of Final Appeal today on the Statutory Holidays case which granted the Cathay’s cabin crew the rights to include Line Duty Allowance, Ground Duty Allowance and Duty Free Sales Commission in calculating the “holidays pay” and “annual leave pay”. As the spokesperson pointed out, the result is not only the victory of cabin crew in C...
Welfare Update: A Mini Torch from FAU-to light up your future!
Feel gloomy by the cost-cutting news from the Management recently?  Here is a small offer from FAU and we hope that this torch will allow us to find our way to stay united in times of difficulties!  We would like to present you this mini smart FAU torch.  It is a mini purple torch with a rotary switch at one end and a key ring at the other.  The size is handy enough for you to...
"No Red-Eye Turnaround" Campaign Time Adjustment on 20 April
Please be advised that your ExCo will be having a meeting with Management this afternoon regarding 72hrs issue, therefore the "No Red-Eye Turnaround" Campaign will only be held from 11:00 to 13:00 and the evening session will be cancelled on 20 April 2012.  Thank you for your attention.  
FAU urged CX to enhance inflight protection for Cabin Crew
Two cabin crews were injured in a passenger assault incident occurred on the flight CX 712 from Bangkok to Hong Kong on April 16. As there were several similar incidents occurred recently, FAU found the situation serious and worrying and urged the CX management to adopt measures to enhance the protection for cabin crew immediately.    As a spokesperson of FAU indicated, the above-m...
Clarification : No Signature Campaign initiated by FAU
Recently we received Members’ enquiries about whether FAU organize any signature campaign.  We need to clarify that FAU did not conduct any signature campaign recently.  We always encourage Members to voice out if there is any concern in the crew community.  However, we need to remind Members that the current legal protection for any employees’ actions is limited t...
AGM 2012
We are pleased to announce that FAU Annual General Meeting will be held on 25th May 2012 (Friday) this year, our Executive Committee cordially invite you to participate and get united with your friends and colleagues to share your concerns and also to have a fun night.  Please be reminded to plan ahead and apply for G day for this special event of the year.  Details of AGM to be an...
Closure of FAU Office on 12 December
Due to internal training for office staff, our FAU Office will be closed on 12 December.For those who would like to get the "Food Festival & HK Mega Showcase" tickets, please kindly write your name, ERN, mailbox number & no. of tickets on the paper at the notice board next our office door.  Our staff will distribute the tickets to your mailbox accordingly.  Our office will be op...
Support Qantas Workers on Qantas Action Day
FAU have joined the action to support Qantas workers on the Qantas Action Day on 16 November. The action was co-organsied by HKCTU and HKFAA, an alliance composed of the four major flight attendants unions in Hong Kong. In a statement issued by HKFAA, the unions condemned the management of Qantas for giving a 71% pay rise to the CEO but failed to give a pay rise to match the inflation, and also o...
One Step Closer To Full Victory
We are pleased to inform you that the Court of Appeal (CA) has dismissed the appeal application on Statutory Holidays Case by CX this morning.  It means that CA’s judgment to include LDA, GDA and DFSC in calculating the Statutory Holidays have further confirmed by the decision today.  Since CX still has a chance to apply to appeal at Court of Final Appeal, we still need to be patie...
Inflation Soar! It is time for YEN !
  It is time for the Year End Negotiation (YEN) again. Apart from negotiating for salary increment, improving of our conditions of service and housing allowance are also important issues! No matter you are Monthly Paid or Hourly Paid Cabin Crew, you are welcome to voice out any concerns you may have. It is crucial for all of us to be united and stand firm together, to ameliorate and safeguar...
Promotion for New Joiners
The size of our Crew community will soon be reaching 9,000. Every new Member will strengthen our bargaining power.  We encourage all members to relay the below message to our new joiners:   “From 1st July – 31st Dec 2011, new joiners in their first year of employment in CX will get ONE YEAR Monthly Fee Waived”.   Terms & Conditions  *Concessio...
New FAU ExCo and New Initiatives!
After our first In-House-Meeting on 6th June, we are pleased to announce the respective office of our new FAU Executive Committee. (Details below).  Do note that our team will be serving you in the coming 2 years.  We highly appreciate your feedback to help FAU “GROW” and your support to make FAU “STRONGER”! During the election, we have made two major commitments...
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